Daylight Saving Time starts Saturday Night when we go to bed, or when we get up Sunday Morning. Or if you want to be absolute, 2 a.m. Sunday Morning.

Not all agree with the switching of the clocks back and forth every 6 months from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time. Who can’t agree it is a strange ritual.

BUT, can we possibly agree on dropping the change and selecting which version we stay with all year long.

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Probably not. It seems more difficult to find common ground on things, even something seemingly so simple as what we want the clock to tell us.

At least 33 states have introduced 80 pieces of legislation addressing Daylight Saving Time in the past couple of years.

Maine took the next step and enacted legislation as did 5 others. Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi and Montana

Most of the proposed measures would establish Daylight Saving Time as the official time year-round, subject to an authorizing federal law and in some cases contingent on surrounding states enacting similar legislation.

But even though it gets introduced in Washington D.C., it never gets far. It isn’t high on the priority list of ‘things that must get done.’

Nothing will likely change anytime soon. So for those who want year round Standard Time it’ll return Sunday November 5th. For those who want Daylight Saving Time permanently here is at least 6 months of your wish.

Which Do You Want? 

Let us know in comments section.

Is it leave things as they are.

Switch to year round Daylight Saving Time.

Or switch to Standard time and leave the clocks alone.

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