The Maine Center for Disease Control has designated Northern Light AR Gould as a COVID-19 outbreak location, said Karen Gonya, Communications Manager, Marketing & Communications in a press release Tuesday.

Two recently admitted patients and four members of the staff in the Medical-Surgical unit have tested positive for COVID-19. Gonya said testing is currently being done to all staff and patients to determine any additional potential positive cases.

Northern Light AR Gould has updated the hospital-wide policy on visitations - effective immediately. Visitors are restricted in all areas of the hospital with the exception of the Women and Children’s unit.

The hospital is working closely with the Maine Center for Disease and Control to identify if the spread occurred in the hospital versus the community, said Northern Light AR Gould president Greg LaFrancois. 

LaFrancois also said precautions are in place to protect patients, staff and community as has been done through the pandemic. He said this is a reminder that the pandemic is not over and the virus is still out there. He encouraged those who have not been vaccinated to consider getting vaccinated.

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Registration for the vaccine can be done at covid/

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