Aroostook County Emergency Management is assuring the public that efforts to plan for and respond to the COVID-19 event have been going on for quite some time.

Healthcare officials have been working with Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency staff for years planning for various pandemic emergencies and those partners have been updating plans over the last 6 months.

In an ever-changing situation, communications and coordination between these vital agencies has been ongoing.

Darren Woods, Director of the Aroostook County EMA, reminds the public that while it is a good idea to stay informed and prepare at home and in the workplace, there is no need to panic. He adds that healthcare officials are the lead agencies in this type of event. “We should definitely heed the warnings of our medical personnel.  That said, we should remember to be kind and think of others.  As a society starts to get panicked, their decision-making skills also change.  Let’s not let ourselves forget who we are and how we take care of one another.”

Specific information can be found at the Maine CDC website at:

The Aroostook EMA is also working to distribute local information via its website at and the Aroostook County EMA Facebook Page.

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