Many animals have been taking TikTok by storm lately, and we're not complaining.

You may have watched clips from viral stars like Tico the parrot (also popular on YouTube), who sings and jams out to classic rock tunes, Nala the Golden Retriever, who enjoys adventuring with her human Chris and doing her famous "Nala Stomps", or Steven the seagull, who's being fed by a young man named Arryn Skelly in an attempt to "gain his trust."

It turns out that a special dog from Maine is among these famous animals, and is the star of an account with 15.6M followers and 535.6M likes at the time of this writing.

Meet Biscuit, a bull terrier mix seen on TikTok @mistermainer.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Biscuit and her owner, Dmitry Pepper, 25, are from Whitefield, Maine. Dmitry first created the TikTok account during the pandemic, and has since become one of the app's most followed creators in Maine (if not the most followed) after a video of Biscuit went viral early last year.

People absolutely love this sweet girl, whether she's "dancing" and donning costumes...

...starring in skits (this one making fun of Karens)...

...or poking fun at more normal dog things like a love for sticks.

We can't get enough of Biscuit, and wish her and Dmitry all the best in their future. Maine is lucky to have you both. Click here to go to @mistermainer on TikTok and see what fun antics the pair have been up to lately.

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