Tonight is the night when officials, who sit on the SAD1 School Board, will hear discussions from residents who are in favor of and those who are not in favor of retaining the harvest recess.

We recently took an unscientific poll to get an idea of what some of our listeners thought about the potential fate of the harvest recess.

Many participated in the poll and expressed their views as to whether or not those who sit on the SAD1 School Board should retain or do away with the County tradition.

Overall, over 60-percent of those polled said they would like to see the harvest recess go away.

Some of the reasons people gave were that kids who are not participating in helping local farmers should not be off for the recess.

In other words, pollsters expressed that if a youngster is hired by a local farmer, then they should get the time off of school in order to help work the field.

For the youngsters that were not hired, or wish to not participate in the potato harvest, those students should be required to be in school.

On the other hand, just over 32-percent of those who chose to take the poll said that SAD1 School Board Members should keep the harvest recess.

The other 8-percent were either undecided or chose to keep the harvest recess under certain circumstances and conditions.

A total of 143 votes were taken from the poll within a two day time period.

The SAD1 School Board will be hearing from the public tonight, Monday, January 8 at 5:30 p.m. EST.

If you wish to speak to the board about keeping the harvest recess, you may contact school board member Brandon Roope at 551-0696.

If you would like to speak to the board about eliminating the harvest break, you may call the school superintendent's office 764-4101 or email Superintendent Brian Carpenter at

No action by the board will be taken at this workshop, however, the board will have a discussion following the presentation. Written comments will be taken from the public and presented to the board.



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