When an organization has been around for over 40 years and is still challenged with reaching people, that's saying a lot about an organization.

Our Community Spotlight shines upon New Ventures Maine, an organization that helps train small businesses in the County on what they need to know in order to be successful.

Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau, Regional Manager for New Ventures Maine said,

"All of our services are free and they're open to the public at large with no eligibility requirements."

Because time is of the essence, especially when you are endeavoring to pioneer or start a business, Senechal-Jandreau says that the classes are short.

New Ventures Maine offers a 12-week training program at 6 hours a week, that covers marketing planning, how to create a business plan and business start-up classes, to name a few.

Because the classes are free, it's just a matter of people and potential entrepreneurs taking advantage of the opportunities available at New Ventures Maine.

"All For Women" - Aroostook Leadership in Learning

Senechal-Jandreau says that this is an annual conference for women and held at the University of Maine Presque Isle and will be held on May 31 of this year.

The leadership workshop offers opportunities for women to network with one another and 'break-out' opportunities as well.

Some of the interests that people are pursuing in the County, career-wise, is nursing and the medical field, according to Senechel-Jandreau.

New Ventures Maine also encourages people to get into the S.T.E.M field, with careers that deal in science, technology, engineering, and math because, according to Senechal-Jandreau, there is a need for that and those fields have a good pay base.

For more information on New Venture Maine programs, you may call them at 768-9635 or you can visit their website here.

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