Forget fleeing to Canada — if the United States elects Republican candidate Donald Trump president tomorrow (November 8), Cher's blasting off, and headed out into the cosmos.

The "Woman's World" singer, who's not been shy about voicing her support for Hillary Clinton across this election season, officially threw down her trump card on Saturday (November 5), when she told Page Six she has no plans to stick around Earth to see how a Trump cabinet might operate.

"I’m gonna have to leave the planet," she said.

Cher added that while her faith in the electorate has been shaken, she has found new inspiration from the younger generation that she used to reflexively dismiss — the people she once called the "dreaded millennials."

"Young people with fresh ideas is what we need,” she said. “We’re fading. Not fast, but we’re fading."

Cher has frequently used her Twitter account in recent months to denounce Trump for his hateful words toward women, minorities and...essentially anyone who has publicly disagreed with him. When a 2005 video tape surfaced in which Trump championed his own groping of women — often against their own will — Cher came out swinging against the GOP emblem.

And, as recently as this morning (November 7), Cher urged her followers to vote for Clinton. She said she'll continue canvassing for the Democrats' hero until the votes have been cast.

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