Even if you didn’t buy the $1.3 billion Meg Millions ticket sold in Maine, it's exciting to be a part of lottery history. It was the first for the state and the second largest payout ever.

There have been some big winners in the state over the years. Nothing like that, but in the recent past, Maine has had winners take home $4.8 million, $3 million, $1 million and many more.


Bangor Man Wins $1 Million & $100,000

A former employee at the Bangor Daily News won $1 million after buying a scratch ticket at the Cigaret Shopper on Broadway in Bangor in March 2020. The same man also won $100,000 in 2007 playing the lottery.

$10,000 Winning Ticket in Bangor

A $10,000 winning ticket was recently purchased at Tom T Convenience in Bangor. A man from Gelnborn claimed that prize.

$7 Million Winner from Bangor in 2012

In 2012, a Bangor lawyer with a part-time residence in Florida won a share of $7 million in the Florida lottery. 

One Millinocket Store Sells Multiple Winning Tickets

An employee at Rideout’s Market in Millinocket bought a $3 scratch ticket and quickly won $50,000. She ended up with $35,000. In 2006, a customer from Lincoln got a Powerball ticket at Rideout’s Market and won $800,000. The ticket paid out quadruple the amount because he picked the Powerplay.

$100,000 Prize in Millinocket

Just recently, a $100,000 scratch ticket was bought at the Millinocket Save A Lot.


There have been several winners in northern Maine. Just to name a few in the County through the years, a winner had a $3 million pay day, there was a $1.5 million ticket sold, a $1.3 million winner and a lucky person took home $250,000.



$4.8 Million Megabucks Winner in Brunswick

The winning ticket was purchased at the Hannaford in Brunswick in March of 2020. The winning numbers came up big, paying out $4.8 million before taxes. A bonus of $30,000 was paid to the store.

Wiscasset Store Sold a $3 Million Ticket

The Quick Stop in Wiscasset sold a lucky customer a Megabucks ticket worth $3.2 million in October 2020. That store got $30,000 as a bonus for selling the ticket.

hyejin kang/Thinkstock
hyejin kang/Thinkstock

$1 Million Scratch Ticket In Turner

In December 2021, a couple won $1 million off a scratch ticket in Turner. They were playing to win. They bought 25 of the $35 tickets at Turner's Food City. In total, they pocketed $710,000 and gave the employees at the store a $1,000 tip.

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More Winners in Maine

There are so many more stories of people who have won playing the Maine lottery. Let us know who else won in the Facebook comments.

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