Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood for one reason or another. The need for blood is great, but the tradition of giving blood will continue in 2019.

Cary Medical Center is continuing its long tradition of partnering with the American Red Cross in hosting six blood drives this year.

The first drive will be held on Thursday, February 21st.

Other blood drives are scheduled for these dates in 2019 as well:

  • April, 18th
  • June, 20th
  • August, 22nd
  • October, 22nd
  • December, 19th

Elizabeth Singer, Blood Drive Coordinator for Cary Medical Center said,

"The generosicty of the donors is inspiring; we can't  thank them enough for taking time out of their day to help save the lives of others. A simple blood donation can helsomeone with cancer, a premature baby, a trauma victim and more."

According to the American Red Cross, up to three patients can benefit from one donation. They also said that in 2018, more than 360 blood donations were collected at Cary Blood Drives, which means these donors helped more than 1,000 patients.

Blood drives are held at the Caribou Inn & Convention Center from noon - 6 p.m.

If you would like to make an appointment to donate blood, you may call Kristi Herron at 207-498-6516 or visit redcrossblood.org.


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