According to Chief Michael W. Gahagan, on the afternoon of February 13, the Caribou Police Department received a complaint from the Caribou Middle School (RSU 39) that someone had left a written bomb threat in one of the bathrooms.

Chief Gahagan said that the Police met with the administration and took physical evidence from the crime scene.

The evidence led them to one 13-year-old male who was charged with a Class D “Terrorizing” and referred to Juvenile Probation.

The subject was released to his parents.

At no time were any students or staff in danger, with the quick action by the School Administration and the collaboration with the Caribou Police, this incident was proven to be false.

The threat was investigated by Sgt. Vincent and Officer Ouellette.

Chief Gahagan added, "Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people do and say things just to see what would happen, but we all know that bad things do happen in this world, with that said if you See Something, Say Something. He advised the public to tell a teacher, parent or just someone that you trust, but tell someone, maybe bad things can be stopped before they happen."

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