Based on statements on Cafe Allegro's Facebook page, they will be closing their location on Main Street in Presque Isle permanently.

According to Cafe Allegro, they have fought hard to keep their doors open, however, they were not able to make it work in Presque Isle.


Cafe Allegro blames the lack of cooperation from the Presque Isle City Council to "fix the parking situation." Cafe Allegro blamed downtown parking for their closure and have stated that other businesses are closing for the same reason.

However, there are businesses that have been successful and have been in their downtown location for years and are still in business, although they face parking challenges as well.

Cafe Allegro's solution to the downtown 'problem' is angled parking and stated, "Angled parking is the best way to get people downtown, yet the city counsel refuses to even discuss the issue, continually quoting a 10 year old survey done at the post office. They seem more concerned about having iPads than actually improving the city to attract businesses. Then they openly wonder why downtown is dying. I'm so disappointed in them..."

Patrons perceptions of what Cafe Allegro was going to be was a coffee shop, however, they also offered beer and had happy hour on their schedule as well.

Cafe Allegro did thank the public who patronized their establishment and also thanked them for their support.


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