The Case for Big Papi

Boston Red Sox fans across New England will finally find out on Tuesday if the man who had the most clutch hits in franchise history, is elected to the Hall of Fame. Major League Baseball (MLB) will announce the 2022 Hall of Fame inductee class at 4:00 p.m. on January 25. 

Purists won't like the DH being in the Hall

David Ortiz AKA "Big Papi”, is in his first year of eligibility to join one of the most exclusive clubs in all of sports history. The left-handed slugger retired from baseball after the Red Sox were eliminated in the 2016 MLB playoffs. MLB has been tracking ballots and the early returns are suggesting Ortiz will become a first ballot Hall of Fame member on Tuesday.

Looks Like Papi Beats A-Rod On This one

If Ortiz is elected on Tuesday, the debate will heat up as it appears Alex Rodriguez will not have enough support to get into the Hall this year. Ballot tracking is trending in the right direction for Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds to join Big Papi this summer at the induction ceremony in Cooperstown, NY. The cloud of steroid use that has hung over Ortiz appears to have carried very little weight with voters, unlike with Rodriguez.

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Let's Remember The Good Times With Papi

David Ortiz would become the first player to reach the Hall on the first ballot, who played his career primarily as a Designated Hitter. Big Papi spent his first six seasons playing for the Minnesota Twins, before signing a one-year prove it deal with the Red Sox in 2003. We all know the rest of the history. Ortiz would help lead Boston to three World Series Championships (04, 07, 13), and a lifetime of big moments throughout the regular season and postseason. Big Papi would close out his career with 541 home runs and a .288 batting average, a ten-time All-Star, and World Series MVP in 2013.

Let's Go To The Highlights

To Boston Red Sox fans David Ortiz was our guy! We expected him to come through every time he stepped to the plate late in a game, and more often than not he delivered. Sure, you'll still hear the occasional gripe about Ortiz from some grumpy old man like Dan Shaughnessy, but who cares? Papi played the game and will be honored at the shrine to the league in Cooperstown. Now let's enjoy some of Big Papi's big moments below.

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