So I'm driving to a neighboring town over the weekend to play a show with my band. My band is a four piece but we weren't always. We've been together on and off for nearly 19 years and there was a long stretch where we were basically a three piece, just guitar, bass, and drums. There are quite a few classic bands that broke through with only three members. Who do you think had it down to a science?

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The most obvious one to me is Rush. Neil Peart fills all the holes with drum hits, Alex Lifeson stretches out the melodies with his guitar, and Geddy Lee carries the bottom with his bass and sings. He and Alex both play keys as well, with no auxiliary help from stage musicians.

ZZ Top is another trio that had their thing and made it work. I can list a ton of them. Who do you think you would list as the top 5 Classic Rock Power Trios? Call the show at 764-ROCK or tell us on Facebook.


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