The New England Patriots coach doubled down on whether the team was aware of any wrong doing in the supposed 'spy gate 2.'

Here we go...again. Partiots head coach Bill Belichick is sick of the question. Which one? Well, all of them, especially those surrounding the latest videotaping scandal. His Wednesday press conference was typically curt.  According to Michael Girardi of the NFL Network's Twitter, he stated bluntly “The football team, the football staff and the coaching staff had nothing to do with what happened. Nothing. We have no involvement in it.”

Asked if the scout in question had any knowledge of the rules in place. "He was doing his job, that's what he was doing, he was doing his job, like we all try to do. That's what the football team, the football staff, and the coaching staff did last week, is try to do their job against Kansas City, and then Cincinnati, and then Buffalo next week...and that's it."

A quick follow-up question was cut off with "I just answered the question. There was no involvement in it, zero."

Then again, stating someone was 'doing their job' is on-brand for a web series titled 'Do Your Job.'


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