Maine YouTube TV Viewers May Not Get the Patriots-Bucs Game on Sunday
No biggie. Just the biggest regular-season game in the history of the NFL. Tom Brady, who spent 20 years and garnered six Super Bowl rings, comes back to Gillette to face his old team and the coach that many believe was the reason for his departure to become Florida Man. This is epic. Shakespearian. With the entire nation watching.
This Patriots-49ers Video Shows How Quiet Gillette Really Is
If you watch the Patriots on TV or listen to them here on WBLM, you hear a roar of the crowd. We all know, of course, that it's piped in crowd noise. In fact, the crowd noise you hear during the game are from REAL PATRIOTS GAMES that are being played back. Hey if you were at a game last year, you may be hearing yourself! Woah...that's a trip. Anyhoo, in the actual stadium, during the actual game, there is no crowd noise. Yup, it's quiet. Tooooooo quiet. So quiet, if you are there will understand the real level of inappropriate trash talking that goes on!

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