UPDATE 1-21-2021 11:00AM. Hayloe has been located safe. Thank you for the assistance - from the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office.


The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information on the whereabouts of 13-year-old Hayloe Sherman of Hodgdon.

Hayloe is described as 5’2”, 104 lbs with shoulder-length black hair with red highlights. She was last seen wearing knee-high lace sneaker boots, black pants, a black coat and a pink hoodie.

Police believe that the girl ran away some time on Wednesday and may be in the company of 22-year-old Sebastien Nieves. They were reportedly seen in the Presque Isle area last evening.

If you have information on Hayloe Sherman's whereabouts, please contact the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office .

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