Northern Light AR Gould Hospital has been recognized for its excellence in creating a tobacco-free environment for its patients, employees, and the community.

The County’s largest provider of healthcare services earned a Gold Star Award during an event back in November at the Maine Hospital Association.

AR Gould Hospital was one of 33 at the 10th Annual Tobacco-Free Hospital Gold Star Standards of Excellence Awards Celebration, highlighted for their achievements in advancing their organization’s smoke and tobacco-free policies as well as promoting tobacco-free lifestyles. The event recognized efforts by Maine Hospitals to address tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure.

Dawn Roberts, Community Health Specialist at AR Gould, said the hospital is pleased with the efforts put forth by its staff. “Hospitals should be health and wellness role models in our community, so it's important for us to set an example around reducing tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.”

The hospital has been tobacco-free for 18 years.

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