Northern Light AR Gould Hospital in Presque Isle said it is closing its COVID-19 “swab and go” testing site in front of the hospital on June 30, 2021. Instead, the hospital’s walk-in clinics, labs and primary care locations will offer testing.

Northern Light AR Gould president, Greg LaFrancois said, “It is thanks to the great vaccination efforts throughout the state and in Aroostook County that we are able to take this step. The hard work taken on by healthcare providers and pharmacies to provide vaccines, along with the willingness of so many to step up and get vaccinated, have led to decreased need for testing. We are now in a position to be able to offer testing at our clinic sites rather than having to maintain one stand-alone location.”

There are several places to go where testing for COVID-19 will be available:

  • Presque Isle at 23 North Street - Northern Light Primary Care, Pediatrics, and Walk-In Care 
  • Caribou at 118 Bennett Drive - Northern Light Primary Care, Pediatrics, and Walk-In Care
  • Fort Fairfield at 23 High Street - Northern Light Primary Care
  • Mars hill at 106 Main Street - Northern Light Primary Care
  • Presque Isle at 140 Academy Street - Northern Light Women’s Health Center
  • Presque Isle at 23 North Street or 140 Academy Street - Northern Light Lab – pre-procedure testing only

Patients at any one of Northern Light Health’s primary care and pediatrics locations can call the offices to schedule a time that is convenient to come in and be tested for COVID-19, said Karen Gonya, Communications Manager, Marketing & Communications for Northern Light Health AR Gould. If you are not a patient at Northern Light Health or do not have a provider, you are encouraged to use the Presque Isle and Caribou walk-in clinics or go to a local pharmacy.

Additionally, if you need to be tested prior to a procedure, you will be provided lab orders to go to the North Street location in Presque Isle during a specified time frame for testing. An appointment is not needed, but it is necessary to follow the directions when the test is needed as it relates to the procedure.

LaFrancois said, “We have learned a lot about COVID-19 over the past 16 months. We know that appropriate safety measures, like masking, in the healthcare setting mean COVID-19 testing can be done safely in the clinic setting.”

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For more information about locations for COVID-19 testing, as well as “swab and go” dates of transition, and any additional info, go to the hospital's website at

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