You better keep those shovels handy. For the 4th time in just over a week, a winter storm is approaching Maine and New Brunswick.

The National Weather Service and Environment Canada have both issued several warnings and watches in relation to the storm that is heading our way and will dump some snowfall over the area through Thursday evening.

Irina Igumnova/ThinkStock
Irina Igumnova/ThinkStock

The Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for mostly downeast Maine, but that does include several towns in our listening area; such as Danforth and Topsfield.Officials say those areas could get between 4 and 7 inches of snow accumulation. Here is Aroostook County, we're expecting less accumulation; between 1 and 3 inches possible.

Environment Canada has issued another winter storm watch for most of the province. Some areas could face up to 20 additional centimeters.

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