This week is Thanksgiving and some people get tired of the same old thing every year. This is why we are suggesting these unusually weird dishes for your table this week.

Growing up, I was often told, "You need to try new things." This was our parents' way of getting us to eat something that looked really unappealing or just flat out nasty.

Well, if you are brave or an adventurer who likes to try new foods, then these 5 items just might tickle your fancy this year for Thanksgiving.

Some of them I might try and others.....well....maybe not so much. We'll let you decide if these are dishes you'd like to sneak into the Thanksgiving table this year.

5 really weird dishes that we are suggesting you try this Thanksgiving.

  1. Ham-Banana Casserole - Believe it or not, in the 1970's, this recipe was promoted in the McCall Casserole Cook Book. I don't know, but wrapping banana's in ham and draping it with mustard sauce is not my cup of tea. Blech!
  2. Frog-Eyed Salad - The ingredients might be good, but just thinking about putting frog eyes in your mouth around the Thanksgiving table isn't too appetizing. However, if you want to give this weird dish a shot and surprise your dinner guests, check out how to make it here.
  3. Spam Wagon-Wheel Pie  - Well, alrighty then! If you'd like to try a mid-western theme this Thanksgiving, then the Wagon-Wheel Pie might be right down your alley.
    If you need something quick, then how about putting together this Spam-ified quiche? Yeah, me neither.
  4. Ring-Around-The-Tuna Jello - Tuna and Jello-lovers all around Maine will absolutely love this retro-dish. Just looking at the name tells what's in it and maybe that's why we haven't seen it in any cooking recipes since the 70's. As a matter of fact, this is just wrong! LOL
  5. Choco-Head Cheese Squirts - A great dessert idea for those struggling to come up with one. You basically make them the same way you do Peanut Butter Balls. Make the head cheese into little balls, lather them with butter and dip them in melting chocolate with wax. Set on cooking paper until cool.

What're some of the weirdest food experiences you've ever had on Thanksgiving? Feel free to share those recipes with us in the comments section below.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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