I am sad to say that summer vacation in Maine is entering its final full month. There are some students that will be going back to school next week, but the majority of families in Aroostook County will have all of August to enjoy the remaining days of summer 2022.

$taycations don't have to cost you big bucks 

Most people have taken their family vacation for the summer but maybe you still have the itch to get the family together for one more quiet weekend before the race of running to practices, games, clubs, shows, and anything else that comes up during the school year. You don't have to travel far to get away. How about a staycation?  

Skip the hotel 

It seems that a quick overnight trip to Bangor has become more expensive than the hassle of it is worth. Any hotels that I deem decent enough to stay in for a night are in the $250-$350 per night range. Add in the cost of your fuel, meals, and entertainment, and you'll think you've paid for 3 days at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World instead of going to Bangor. No need to worry. There are plenty of Airbnb's in Aroostook County that are still available for the end of summer. Here are just a few that offer some peace, quiet, and tranquility as you recharge the batteries for another school year. 

Allagash Cabin 

There is room for up to 11 people to fit into this cabin in Allagash. A river view and an outdoor kitchen can be a great way to find that Zen you are looking for.  

Eagle Lake

This lakeside retreat in Eagle Lake can offer you great views to start the day as the sun rises and you sip your coffee. Six guests can comfortably stay at this cabin and you might be able to catch the first few leaves changing color if you play your cards right.  

Portage Lake 

This three-bedroom cottage on Portage Lake can house 10 guests and is still available for prime weeks in the coming month and half. Portage has everything you or your family would need for a week or weekend away to unwind.

Madawaska Lake

Described as a getaway, this cabin has two bedrooms, three beds, and easy access to the waters of Madawaska Lake. With access to the public trail systems you might want to look into an ATV rental to take in the sights around Madawaska Lake.

Mt. Chase

Have you ever seen Mt. Katahdin on a blue-sky summer day? This place could offer you the most breathtaking view you have ever seen of Mt. Katahdin. The two-bedroom cottage on Lower Shin Pond has a backyard overlooking the lake with a view of the mountain as the backdrop. A nearly perfect setting you will be reflecting back on when your hectic life begins in a few weeks.

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