Congratulations to Commander Craig Clossey for 33 years with the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office. That is an incredible time of service to the people and communities of northern Maine. 

The Sheriff’s Office shared the post on Facebook, saying how much they appreciate his great work and dedicated service.

Over the many years, Commander Clossey has worked a variety of different roles. He has been the lead firearms instructor for the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office as well as one of the lead instructors for the Maine Criminal Academy. 

He’s also worked as a corrections officer and jail administrator, in addition to patrol deputy, Chief Deputy and training sergeant. We owe a debt of gratitude to Commander Clossey for his commitment.

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Give a shout-out to him if you’ve had the opportunity to work with him or trained with Commander Clossey. Let him know how much you appreciate his hard work if he’s helped you out in the past. We don’t always get a chance to meet or work with such professionals, but we want to acknowledge how much they mean to the men and women in Aroostook County, Maine.

Thank you Commander Clossey for your decades of service. We really appreciate the safety and security you bring to our home towns.

The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office shared some photos of Commander Clossey at work, in the office and at home. We posted those pictures here. We also linked to their Facebook page where the Sheriff’s Office provides a lot of information about what’s going on. They often share posts from other law enforcement who are investigating an incident or have a message to get out.

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