Maine hunters have been anticipating the state's annual drawing for deer hunting permits, and the time has finally come to find out if you got one!

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The 2015 lottery drawing for "any deer" permits was Wednesday. The state uses the permits to manage the deer population by controlling the harvest of females. Maine is issuing 28,770 deer hunting permits, down from 37,185 permits last year.

Youth Deer Hunting Day is on October 24th and serves as the opening of the season. Maine "Resident Only" Day will be held on October 31st. The main firearms season for deer runs from November 2nd to November 28th. There is also an expanded archery season that lasts from September 12th to December 12th and a muzzleloader season from November 30th to December 12th.

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