According to WMUR, strong winds brought on by Tropical Storm Isaias set a record on the summit of Mount Washington.

The National Weather Service tweeted this out yesterday:

The storm was so powerful it knocked out the darn internet services at Mount Washington Observatory. Therefore, they were almost not able to record this impressive record!

Thankfully workers were still able to publish brief posts on Facebook to indicate what the top wind speed was. (from a single bar of service) It's a good thing they were able to record it because it set a record for the highest wind gust atop Mount Washington ever in the month of August.

WMUR states that the strongest gust EVER recorded at Mount Washington was on April 12, 1934, when a 231-mph gust was recorded. THAT'S BANANAS! For decades, that wasn't just the record on Mount Washington, that gust was the strongest ever recorded on the surface of the Earth. That gust was topped in 1996 but I guess that one wasn't observed by humans.

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