The Maine State Police said there were minor injuries after a 10-vehicle crash on I-95 in Bangor Thursday morning.

10-Vehicle Crash On I-95 in Bangor

The accident happened in the northbound lanes near the Hammond Street exit at mile marker 183.

Maine State Police Update: Road Open

An update was posted to the Maine State Police Facebook page that said: All units have cleared and the road is back open. Injuries are minor. The crash is under investigation.

Interstate was Down to One Lane Northbound in the Area

I-95 was down to one lane and drivers were being directed to use an alternate route and advised to avoid the area around the Hammond Street exit.

I-95 Cleared and Open

The crash site took about 45 minutes to clear as multiple tow trucks assisted in removing the damaged vehicles.

Update: Crash Investigation

Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety released a statement about the crash:

Preliminary investigation shows that a vehicle was traveling northbound on I-95 when it suddenly stopped in the passing lane while a Trooper was conducting a traffic stop on the left side of the Interstate at MM 183. That caused the vehicle traveling behind the suddenly stopped vehicle to be rear-ended by the car behind her which then caused the multi-vehicle crash.

The initial car which stopped was not hit from behind and continued driving. The driver of the second vehicle was not able to get a description of the vehicle.
One person was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

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