Cat Stevens has rerecorded the 11 songs found on the classic Tea for the Tillerman to celebrate the album's 50th anniversary. Tea for the Tillerman2, which will be released under the Yusuf moniker, comes out on Sept. 18.

The singer-songwriter reunited with the album's original producer, former Yardbirds bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, and guitarist Alun Davies. Past and present members of his live band, as well as guitarist Jim Cregan and keyboardist Peter Vettese, round out the group.

Released in 1970, Tea for the Tillerman served as Stevens' breakthrough record, reaching No. 8 and giving him his first Top 20 hit in "Wild World." "Hard Headed Woman," "Father and Son" and "Where Do the Children Play?" are among his best songs.

"Where Do the Children Play?" will be the new LP's lead single. You can listen to it below.

"Though my songwriting adventures were never limited to Tillerman, the songs on that album certainly defined me and pointed the way for my mysterious life’s journey," Yusuf said in a press release. "Since those originative sessions in Morgan Studios, Willesden, in 1970, Tillerman has grown and developed its own gravitas and influence on music history and as the soundtrack to so many people’s lives. Like it was destiny waiting to happen, T4TT2 feels like the timing of its message has arrived again."

The idea of the record taking on newer meaning over the years is reinforced by the album cover's artwork, which references the original. This time, however, the scene takes place at night with a thunderstorm threatening, and the tillerman is wearing a space suit, as one child stares at a cellphone while another wears headphones.

You can see the album's track listing below.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens, 'Tea for the Tillerman2' Track Listing
1. "Where Do The Children Play?"
2. "Hard Headed Woman"
3. "Wild World"
4. "Sad Lisa"
5. "Miles From Nowhere"
6. "But I Might Die Tonight"
7. "Longer Boats"
8. "Into White"
9. "On the Road to Find Out"
10. "Father and Son"
11. "Tea for the Tillerman"


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