Brunswick's Teagan Wright has just released a new episode in his 'Maine Stories' series. He delivers it hilariously in his now locally famous 'Sternman' character.

In the 'Maine Stories' collection, Teagan tells us all kinds of wicked cool stuff that we probably didn't know about. While some of it is factual, there's always plenty of exaggeration and ridiculousness to keep it entertaining.

And after all since our great state had a Bicentennial in 2020 with very little celebration because of friggin' Covid, funny videos like these are a great way to help commemorate Maine's 200th Birthday.

Today's installment is the classic, supernatural tale of a werewolf in the Maine woods called the Loup Garou. That's French for werewolf, bub.

Why not take a little break and learn a little bit of Maine history, even if it's a myth...or is it?

This one is about the legend of a mysterious and terrifying creature who Teagan describes as a "French Canadian prick of a monstah that come down to Maine to frigg with our loggers."

Along with his great comic storytelling ability, there's also some great artwork animation to help set the scenes.

Maybe you remember Teagan Wright from his From Away TV show. It was a really well done series that put a spotlight on hardworking Mainers along with their 'finest-kind' products and services. He's told us about everything from blueberries, to potatoes, to scallops, to beahs and much more.

The sumthin' fierce Maine mini-series debuted the first season in the spring of 2017 on Portland's Fox 23. It took us all over Vacationland to meet the tough as nails people who help make our state the best place on Earth.

We'd absolutely love to see that come back someday. In the meantime, we can keep on chucklin' by following him on his Teagan Wright Comedy Facebook page.

Teagan gives well deserved props to the memory of legendary Maine humorist, Joe Perham for inspiring this episode of "Maine Stories."

Check out the late, great Joe Perham tell the tale of the Loup Garou. We sure do love listening to Joe spin a yahn. He was one of a kind.

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