Did you see Willie Nelson at The Forum in Presque Isle in 2007?

We have someone here at the station who went. Mark Shaw, Director of Content at Townsquare Media, sat in the very front row with several other people from the radio station. 

The Night of the Show

The concert was on September 1, 2007 to be exact. What a night to remember in Star City as it was Willie’s last performance here.

Mark said the night of the show was hot in the packed, sold out Forum. “Ray Price was there and I’m almost 100% sure Merle Haggard played too.”

“I've never seen a show that big in Presque Isle. I think it was something like 3,000 people.”

Sitting in the Front Row

You can see a lot from the front row. Mark said Willie was engaging and pointed to the audience a lot. He sang medleys of many of his hits. “He just couldn’t play all the great songs head one by one.” 

Willie had his classic guitar he stills plays to this day. All three performers sang together near the end of the show.

Mark thinks the radio station promoted the show. He did not get backstage passes.

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We were curious what brought Willie Nelson to the Forum in 2007. We looked up his concert schedule and he played in Atlantic City the night before and was booked to play the Champlain Valley Fair in Vermont the day after.

Who saw Willie Nelson at the Forum?

Enjoy the gallery of Willie Nelson on tour in 2007 (We wish we had some photos from the Forum, but this is what he looked like that year),

Willie Nelson on Tour in 2007 when he came to Presque Isle, Maine

Willie Nelson came to the Forum in Presque Isle, Maine in 2007. It was his last time playing the Star City.

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