The website has complied a list of what each of the fifty U.S.states are worst at. They picked out one key area where each is most deficient. I'll let you know what Maine was worst at in a moment. It wasn't really bad when compared to some of what the other states were worst at. Here are some of the worst or the worst!

Arizona was worst at going to the dentist.
California has the most polluted cities.
Georgia had the least integrity.
Hawaii had the highest homelessness rate.
Idaho has the worst drivers.
Indiana had the most meth incidents.
Kansas was dubbed with the ugliest scenery.
Louisiana has the highest murder rate.
North Carolina was worst state for education.
Ohio has the worst water.
South Carolina has the most violent crime.

So what was Maine the worst at? Fewest heliports. Here's what they had to say in the article. ' You might have to hop over to nearby New Hampshire in order to land that helicopter. Tough life, Mainers.'

The one that made me laugh was Washington state, they were deemed as the worst at loving Justin Bieber!

Check out the entire list right here.


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