Every dog owner has been in this situation. You're out spending time with your canine friend, and you see a restaurant you'd like to enjoy, but there is no way they are letting you in with Fido. Shoot, because their calamari looked delicious.

What if I told you there is a universe that is the complete opposite?  A world where you walk around with your furry best friend and EVERY restaurant and store welcomes you in with open arms. This world exists, and it's called Bar Harbor, Maine. 

Bar Harbor, Maine is a Land of Dog Loving Business Owners

LUNCH, Bar Harbor
David Bugenske, Townsquare Media

This journey with my dog, Moo, began with me craving a lobster roll before hitting a trail in nearby Acadia National Park. We discovered a restaurant called Lunch (I wonder when they're open). While looking for a place to tie Moo's leash so I could quickly run in and place an order to go, the chef of Lunch came outside and welcomed us both inside his soup and sandwich shop. I've never experienced customer service with my dog by my side before and while eating one of the best rolls I've ever had, the chef even came over to give a begging Moo a few slices of deli meat ... all while eating at one of the tables indoors. Safe to say, I will be having many lunches at Lunch in the future.

Acadia and Bar Harbor, Maine Make for a Perfect Day with Your Dog

With both of our appetites satiated, Moo and I prepared our trek back to the vehicle to head to Acadia but couldn't help but notice that almost all of the businesses in Bar Harbor had dog-friendly stickers placed on their front doors in addition to a few boutiques offering water for dogs in a bowl outside their doors. Again, we were both welcomed indoors to peruse the merchandise.

LUNCH, Bar Harbor
David Bugenske, Townsquare Media

Acadia National Park in Maine is One of the Most Dog Friendly

After eating lunch, acquiring a few souvenirs, and getting a coffee all while together indoors, Moo and I finally headed 5-minutes down the road to Acadia National Park to hike, which we already were made aware is one of the most dog-friendly national parks in America. Our hike was delayed, and we spent hours longer together away from home and responsibilities, but for good reason. We discovered a perfect BAR for any human who loves spending time with their dogs.

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