It's been almost a month since I made the journey across the US from Los Angeles to Maine, and WOW, what a culture shock. Maine is absolutely beautiful along with its residents, but there has been A LOT to learn. Here are 5 significant things about Vacationland that have stood out against anywhere else that I have been.

Very Few People Live in Maine

There are only 1.32 million people who live in the entire state of Maine. While that may seem like no small number to those who have grown up here, for me, in comparison, I just moved from Orange County, California. In that county alone, which is one of the smallest in the state of California, there are approximately 3.19 million people. That is nearly three times as many people in Maine.

Maine Traffic is Nearly Nonexistent

Maine is ranked near the top of the best states for driving. Where I just moved from, California is consistently ranked the absolute worst in America. This has been the most SHOCKING difference. It takes me 5 minutes to get to work and I can cross any street with ease. Granted, tourism in the summer in Maine makes the roads a little more hectic here but pales in comparison to the everyday life of driving in SoCal.

David Bugenske
David Bugenske


David Bugenske

Mainers REALLY Love Their Lobsta

Or "lobsta!" It is EVERYWHERE! I'm not complaining either. Maine is the #1 state for lobster harvesting. Mainers bring in 110 MILLION pounds of lobster annually. WHAT?! Do you know how many screaming lobsters in a pot that is?! Lobsters provide almost a billion dollars a year for the state.

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Ticks in Maine Really Tick Me Off

While there is A LOT to love about Maine, the tick thing is a little concerning. I've heard mixed reports on the ticks issue here. While some say to be very careful, other residents have shared that they've never had a tick on them in their lives.

It seems to be more of an issue for those who love the outdoors and own pets, which I am both. I have a vet appointment next week for our dogs and I don't think I'll be wearing shorts while hiking this summer. It's amazing how my hypochondria emerged because of a tiny bug. Maine, by the way, is the 7th worst state for these bloodsuckers.

David Bugenske
David Bugenske

You are BEAUTIFUL, Maine!

Ok, some make the argument that where I just moved from is the most beautiful state in the country. While I agree that California is beautiful, it's hard not to argue that Maine should be higher on the list. California has a lot to offer and is worth visiting. I've been fortunate enough to see almost all 50 states in this great country, and after just a month in Maine, I'm going to rank this state at #1. I can't wait to explore everything that she has to offer. If you need me this summer, I'll most likely be in Acadia, covered head to toe to avoid those ticks.

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