The 2020-21 school year is wrapping up for many this week and the rest will say goodbye to their students next week. The Maine County Teachers of the Year worked on a special message to everyone that helped get through this crazy school year. #StrongerTogether4ME 

The appreciation shown by the teachers is fantastic and I hope that those teachers have heard "Thank you" more than once over the last year. They deserve to hear it after navigating a year where there were in person days, remote days, and days that were cut short because of exposures and confirmed cases. Some teachers had to work in class with students all day and then spend nights and weekends gathering plans and assignments for students learning remotely. 

In our home we know that our daughter's teacher went above and beyond several times to make accommodations. There were multiple times this year we had to drop everything to go pick our girl up at school or keep her away from school for days at a time. When the time came to make the hard decision to keep our daughter home for a few weeks to ensure the safety of others we needed to take care of, Mrs. H said it was no problem.  

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This year the teachers had to be more flexible, understanding, and adaptable than ever before. Many parents out there feel like I do, we can't say thank you enough. You can join me in thanking your child's teacher over and over again. On behalf of my family, I want to say thank you to Mrs. H! We appreciate everything you did for our family this year and we will never forget that. Thank you for taking care of our daughter!  

To all the teachers and students: Have a safe and happy summer!!  

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