There's something a little thankless about delivering mail in rural areas. Long routes, winding roads and that undeniable wildcard, the wildlife. But it isn't just the wildlife that makes the dash cam video shared by a mail carrier named Sheldon Nelson in the County on Facebook via the Crown of Maine page so incredible, it's the SIZE of the wildlife they encountered.

If you're a little impatient and want to get to the action, fast forward to the about :55 seconds. If you're a little more patient, you'll gain the scope of the mail carrier's route in Fort Kent and how fast they generally travel through the back roads of the County. So there you are, just trying to wrap up your day and then right around the corner on a dirt road is a massive, monster moose taking a leisurely jog. Thankfully, the conditions were clear and there was enough room for the mail carrier to hit the brakes or this story could have had a very different tone.

Instead, it turned out to be just one of those amazing, catch your breath moments where you get to lay your eyes on a majestic animal like a moose and then share that moment with everyone who wants to take a look. Just another reminder that while traveling almost anywhere in Maine, keep your eyes open and then another eye looking out for a moose.

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