Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay in Maine

The beloved celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has frequented our rocky shores of Maine many times for our natural ingredients and local cuisine.

He shared with National Geographic that he finds Maine to be incredible with some of the best and freshest seafood in the world. He shared with the outlet:

 “I’ve been truly blessed to understand why Maine is one of the best seafood destinations anywhere on the planet.”

As part of a YouTube series, Gordon Ramsay traveled around the world learning about various cuisines and creating recipe videos using local ingredients. As part of the series, he made multiple videos right here in Maine featuring, of course, Maine Lobster.

Gordon Ramsay Makes a Lobster Omelette in Maine

One of his videos was a delicious and insane-looking lobster BLT that he made right at Marshall Point Lighthouse. He has kept our mouths watering with even more recipes, including a Maine lobster omelette.

He keeps the recipes simple and quick and the video is only 6 ½ minutes. Of course, he’s a professional chef so he can get things done more efficiently than us but it’s still an easy recipe that’s super quick to make.

It’s an aesthetically-pleasing video as he makes a Maine dish in front of a Maine landscape at a Maine landmark. My mouth started watering as soon as he sauteed the onions, chili pepper, and garlic and threw in the lobster.

He teaches you how to make the lobster right so it’s not rubbery and you can hold onto the delicacy’s sweetness in a savory and sweet meal suitable for breakfast or lunch. The recipe is in the description of the video and looks like it might be worth trying out, especially for us locals who have access to the fresh Maine lobster.

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