Fenway Park has been a raucous environment since the Red Sox began their playoff run two weeks ago. Boston has been slamming their way to at 2-1 series lead. Let's go back to the grand slam hit by Kyle Schwarber in the bottom of the 2nd inning of game 3. This blew the game wide open. First let's start with the broadcast feed and then we will find some in-stadium videos of the slam and celebration.

How about this video from YouTube? I want the seats these people had in Game 3. Right behind home plate, are you kidding me? What connections do you have?
Next, we will go out towards the bleachers in right field near where this ball landed as the Red Sox went up 6-0. In the last two games the boys from Beantown have jumped on the Houston Astros quickly. What an incredible atmosphere Fenway Park has been following this version of the Red Sox.

This next view was even closer to where the ball landed. If you watch closely you will see the ball plummeting down towards the seats at the last moment before the entire stadium went into pandemonium.

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