If you're like many people, when you need to contact a customer service representative for Amazon or other help desks, you typically Google their phone number. This is a conduit of a new scam that is out there.

A report that has come out from Krebs Security states that people are calling phony phone numbers they are finding on the internet to try an contact customer service desks for companies like Amazon.

One example of this is when customers have tried to call Amazon to cancel their Prime products.

Once the phony phone number is called, scammers are then asking for the customer's credit card information and bank information. 

According to Clark.com, the phony numbers on social media sites have been confirmed.


What Should We Do To Avoid This Scam?

Just for the record, if you need to contact Amazon's Customer Service Line, their phone number is 1-888-280-4331.

Another way to avoid this scam is to contact them on their website directly. Their website 'Contact Us' link can connect you here.

Another great tip, if you need to do business with a provider on the internet, is to go directly to their website and verify that the site is their site. At this point, either contact them there or, at best, verify the contact information on the site is correct.

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