When you first take a look at this photo, you might be thinking 'Back to the Future' or John DeLorean. This car is both of those and none of those.

For those of you who made your way to Hartland, N.B. for New Brunswick Day Monday, you probably saw this cool set of wheels at the car show they had.

At first glance, you might have thought you were looking at a DeLorean, however, if you look a little closer, you'd have seen that it was indeed a Bricklin.

Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media
Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media

A Little History on the Bricklin

Malcolm Bricklin was a millionaire who made his fortune in hardware and plumbing supplies franchise, before he turned 25, in Florida. He then started Subaru of America, where he imported the Subaru 360.

After leaving that gig, he began to design and manufacture his own automobile which was called the Bricklin.

The New Brunswick government put up most of the cash flow hoping it would employ many people in Minto and Saint John.

Initially, Bricklin wanted to sell his cars for $4000, but later that price was raised to $6500 and then raised to $7490 when the first 1974 model came off the lot.

In 1972, a man by the name of Herb Grasse came up with a design for three different styles of what we know as the Bricklin.

If you don't know who Mr. Grasse was, just think about the Batmobile in the 1960's television series, "Batman." Grasse was known for converting a 1955 Lincoln Futura into the slick vehicle that got our capped heroes to the scene of the crime.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

There were about 2062 of the 1975 models produced. And this particular car's suggest MSLP was listed at $9,780 in 1975.

The motor was a 351 V-8 Ford Engine with Air Conditioning, a Steel Roll-Over Frame and either Automatic or 4-Speed Synchro Transmission to boot.

With a $205 transportation and handling charge, the owner walked away paying roughly $9,985, or almost $10,000 for the car in '75.

Needless to say, it was a real treat to see one of these at the car show in Hartland for the celebration of New Brunswick Day.



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