A man and a woman were arrested for Aggravated Drug Trafficking and other charges following a search and seizure at a home in Fairfield.

Two People Arrested for Aggravated Drug Trafficking

The Fairfield Police Department said 38-year-old Johnathan Caswell of Fairfield was also charged with Receiving Stolen Property. Thirty-five-year-old Randi Goldsmith, also from Fairfield, was taken into custody as well.

Theft of a Utility Meter

Police were called to 44 Green Road around 9:27 am Friday morning for a complaint of stolen power and the theft of a utility meter.

Fairfield Police
Fairfield Police

Outstanding Warrant

Officers on scene confirmed Caswell had an outstanding warrant for Probation Revocation for a previous felony charge.

Homeowner Refused to Exit Residence

“The officer believed that the homeowner was inside the home and refused to come outside. The residence was secured, and officers found what appeared to be evidence of active drug trafficking outside of the home,” said the Fairfield Police.

Search Warrant and Seizure

A search warrant was served and Caswell was arrested inside the residence. Police found “large quantities of what appeared to be stolen property from burglaries that had previously been reported to Fairfield Police.”

300 Pieces of Evidence

Fairfield Police said officers “obtained a second warrant for the stolen property and officers spent 8 hours documenting and collecting over 300 pieces of evidence.”

Large Amounts of Fentanyl Seized

“The drugs found were presumed to be fentanyl and over 200 grams were seized,” said police.

Felony Charges

Caswell is charged with Aggravated Drug Trafficking and Receiving Stolen Property. Goldsmith is charged with Aggravated Drug Trafficking.

Fairfield Police
Fairfield Police

Jail and Cash Bail

They were both taken to the Somerset County Jail. Their arraignment date is scheduled for January 11, 2024. Caswell’s cash bail was set at $2,500 with two probation holds. Bail was set at $1,500 cash for Goldsmith.

Stolen Property Investigation

Fairfield Police said they ”expect the investigation to take several weeks while the stolen property is identified and returned to its owners.”

Assisting Law Enforcement

Assisting law enforcement in the investigation included the Skowhegan Police Department, the Waterville Police Department, agents from the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Maine Probation and Parole and Fairfield-Benton Emergency Services.

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