There is a widely used saying that goes something like “the two best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.”

That saying must have felt true to at least one boat owner last week at Portage Lake. Take a look. 


A faithful reader and part-time resident of Portage Lake sent me some pictures and video of these two boats floating off-shore. A closer look at the photos and it appears the two boats are still attached to a portion of a dock.  


I do not recall seeing a boat dock with boats tied to it, float away like this. There is a Portage Lake Facebook group that was monitoring the situation on Thursday afternoon. This had to be a frustrating sight for the owners when the first discovered their boats and dock in the middle of Portage Lake. 

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Part of me wonders if this is a case of a rookie boat owner not properly securing any of their equipment. Typically, a boat owner is particular person who is always securing their precious marine equipment whether it is for recreation or for working.  

The day was windy at the Lake so the waters were bit choppy so that could have made a rescue of the boats a tad more difficult. The owners can be thankful that they have a concerned community who is there looking out for them and their property. That is part of the charmed life in Aroostook County.

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