‘Twas the night before Easter and all through the house,
we were all wearing jeans ala ole Levi Strauss.
The children sat there laughing at Tosh point 0,
To me it’s an utterly ridiculous show.

Then suddenly there came a knock at the door,
It startled me so that I fell to the floor.
It was almost eleven on Saturday night,
A knock at this time, it just didn't seem right.

So I gathered my courage, rose up from the floor,
And I said, “dear, could you go see who's at the door?”
And my wife shook her head and she gave me a sneer,
And she went and she opened the door without fear.

And then suddenly I felt a bit like a fool,
My wife looked back at me and said, you’re a tool,
She meant to be serious but I found it funny,
And out of the darkness bounced a big, furry bunny.

He looked like Bugs Bunny and that rabbit from Trix,
Like that stupid weather graphic used on Newscenter Six,
But boy was he friendly and he had such class,
He set out Easter baskets and he filled them with grass.

Not that plasticky grass that you buy in the stores,
No, this grass was quite real like the kind that's outdoors.
And he jumped through the house making big bunny leaps,
Hiding chocolate eggs, jelly beans, peanuts and PEEPS®

Then as quickly as he came, he hopped out the door,
And I noticed a limp which he had not before,
And I couldn’t believe that in each basket he’d put,
A little grass, a few treats and a lucky rabbits foot.

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