After most of the country essentially skipped Easter 2020 it sure felt like Easter 2021 snuck up on us.

With Easter being this weekend people are starting to rush for last-minute fun. Assembling Easter baskets for the kids, readying the Easter eggs, and yes, preparing for the spiral ham.

Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley chimed in with his thoughts for the holiday after his wife got excited over the Easter "gifts" she got for her friends.

And you know what? He's spot on. I mean, balloons are cute and fun for the day but then what? Also, I would absolutely love a Jesus vs. rock balloon.

So whatever you're doing this weekend, if you're isolating yourself at home or safely getting together with loved ones, enjoy it!

Personally, now that all of us "kids" are grown, I'm hoping my folks will bring back the 2019 activity of an Easter egg nip hunt.

Yes, we adult "kids" hunted for tiny bottles of alcohol in the yard. (Feel free to insert your, "You might be a redneck if..." joke here.) And yes, we traded the various types with each other until we all got our favorites like we were trading candy.

Happy Easter from our radio family to yours!

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