For 45 years Tom's Of Maine has searched the world for ingredients and combined them in fresh new ways to create natural products that work. They are a very earth friendly company, always has been, and now Tom's Of Maine has changed the game when it comes to recycling.

It's only fitting that the company that has focused on caring for the environment since 1970, according to their website, launches their 100% recyclable toothpaste tubes that has been recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers on National Recycling Day (November 15th.)

You would think that toothpaste tubes were always recyclable but that's not the case due to the fact that most are made of a mixed material that doesn't have a second life and has to be landfilled, according to an article on

The new recyclable toothpaste tubes will be available in the coming weeks with all full size Tom's of Maine toothpastes in the new recyclable tube by the end of 2020.


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