Yesterday was election day here in Maine!

Yes... really. Did you forget to vote? There was record-low turnout across the state. Elections held in June are usually primary elections for candidates for political office, and municipal questions like whether to pass the local school budget or buy a shiny new fire truck.

There were a few referendum questions across Maine that caught our eye.

According to the results from the Portland Press Herald, the towns of Freeport and Kennebunk voted overwhelmingly to ban the use of plastic bags.

Activists in Freeport successfully convinced residents there to pass a total ban on single-use plastic bags at food and grocery stores. This isn't a bag fee, like the new fees in Portland and South Portland - this is a total ban. Starting September 12, retailers will no longer be able to use the thin plastic bags, and will also be charged a 5 cent bag fee for paper bags.

In Kennebunk, the ban is even more strict. All stores will now be prohibited from using plastic bags, with exceptions for dry cleaning, newspapers and small bags for meat, fish and fresh produce.

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