Another week another batch of Maine creators making amazing content from the funny to the sweet!

The Duet That No One Asked For

For those unfamiliar with how TikToks work there is an option where you can "duet" with someone else's video. After Texas was hit with an abnormal amount of snow Texan TikTok user 31jbay24 made a hilarious video dancing to The Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive in a wig, crop top, and jorts. Not to be outdone Mainer Heath Silva Reid (@heathsilvareid) dud an epic duet in a wig and banana hammock. Kudos for withstanding the snow, gentlemen.

The Cutest Maine Kid You'll See All Week

Elana (@elanabeal) from Downeast actually went viral earlier this week for this TikTok which racked over 8.6 million views, but my personal favorite starred her son loving every moment of watching his dad throw hay bales. May we all find such joy in the simple things.

Which one was your favorite? And if you're on TikTok wear that Maine badge loud and proud and you could be featured on our website next week!

Sexy Maine Accent

User @kingofassgard took advantage of TikTok's "stitch" feature where you take up to 5 seconds of another TikTok and respond to it. User @dawnnfarmer had made a TikTok about her love of American accents but which accent did she mean? Certainly not the Maine accent.

Maine Men in Dating Apps

@Alternativegwen has some seemingly effortless hilarious videos. No really, half of them are from her just snuggled in bed and being straight-up hilarious. For this TikTok she broke down all the types of Maine men you'll find on dating apps. Now I've never used a dating app but from what I've heard, she's not too far off.

Why is The Floor at Binga's So Slippery?

Binga's recently joined the TikTok world and has graced us with a few videos of mishaps caught by their security cameras. I can't help but wonder why that one spot seems so darn slippery?!

Keep your eye out for next week's round-up!

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