You may have heard that the Maine Legislature Transportation Committee decided last week that we STILL need to get our cars and trucks inspected. Maine is one of only 16 states in the USA where car safety inspections still happen annually. The State loves the money and the police say it makes the roads safer. There are over 409,000 vehicles registered in the State of Maine, but we found out that not ALL of them have to get inspected. Here are the 10 types of motor vehicles exempt from inspection:

1) Registered in Another State:  A motor vehicle owned and registered in another state and displaying a valid certificate of inspection from another state or a federally approved commercial vehicle inspection program.


2) A Farm Tractor: Try driving this puppy 75 miles per hour down the Maine Turnpike!

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash


3) Antique Autos-This could be a loophole for you Mainers out there if your vehicle is over 25 years old. That would be starting in 1996 and earlier.


Photo by Craige McGonigle on Unsplash


4) Farm Trucks-A couple of caveats here, including that it's operated within a 20-mile radius of the entrance to the farm and that it bears the name of the city or town in which the excise tax is paid in 4-inch letters on the left door of the cab.


5) Island Vehicles- Several caveats on this one, that you can get here. One of them is that the island has no roads that are maintained by the State.


6) Moped or motorized bicycle or tricycle.


7) Fish Trucks-similar to the Farm Truck details. See #4. And support your local fishermen.


8) Experimental Motor Vehicle-This does not mean something you and your buddies DIY in the backyard.


9) Low-Speed Vehicle- this would be a golf cart, for example, If your municipality allows it, like on Peak's Island.

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10) Antique Motorcycles

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