The State Fire Marshal’s Office has charged a 15-year-old Skowhegan boy in connection with four car fires early Monday morning in Skowhegan.


The boy was arrested at his home by Fire Marshals and Skowhegan Police Tuesday afternoon, according to Public Safety Department spokesman Steve McCausland. The unidentified teen was charged with one count of arson and burglary and was taken to the Mountain View Youth Development Center in Charleston. He is expected in Skowhegan court on Wednesday.

The four fires were set around 4 a.m. Monday to vehicles in the Family Circle housing complex and on West Front Street, McCausland said. Two of the vehicles were completely destroyed and the two others were badly damaged. Investigators said the fires were set by lighting combustible materials inside the four vehicles.

During a search of the teen’s home, a set of keys to one of the vehicles was found under the boy’s pillow, police said.

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