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Everyone knows I'm a sucker for impressions.  I've done a few posts about it.  Okay, more than a few.  What can I say, the whole thing fascinates me.  This video is even more awesome because the guy's impressions are weaved into a song that he helped to write.
Graduation Wishes
With graduation season upon us, I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to all those graduating this year! You've worked hard to get to this point!
Class is in!
For this latest installment of 'Chris O'Brien's School of Rock' I'm kind of combining a couple of features. If you're familiar with my 'Ask O'Brien' segments you'll know that it's a place for you to ask me anything you want. Well, this latest question came in reference to the 'Professor' so I though…
#TBT Elton Rules
I don't know when or where this video comes from but it's pretty cool. Sir Elton John seems to be in his 'Lion King' phase, which would put it about the mid-90s. What interests me, besides the fact that the pop singer can put a melody to anything, is who is in the audience. Is th…
Driving Rock!
Well we hit a nerve. I guess everyone is thinking about summer and road trips because the phones lit up and wouldn't stop all afternoon. Without further ado, here's are five of your favorite songs to hit the road with.

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