Canadian Rock on 'Canada Day' [VIDEO]
Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the North and, in our case, the East. In doing a bit of research for today's show I found a list of Canadian rock bands that surprised me. There are a lot that I knew were from the 'Great White North,' but a lot that I didn't.
Godfather of Earth Day Had a Dark Side [VIDEO]
Earth Day is a time for us to reflect on the way we treat our home planet. It's true that we pollute too much. We need to cultivate our natural resources and give back to Mother Earth. I'm not sure that I would go as far as the founder of Earth Day went though.
It's National 'High Five Day' [VIDEO]
In the Sixties it was hugs. In the Seventies there were a bunch of different handshakes. Today it's the fist-bump. The greeting that was so awkwardly popular that it took up two decades, the Eighties and the Nineties, was the High Five.
Listeners Share Their Favorite Vinyl [VIDEO]
In honor of 'National Record Store Day,' which is Saturday, April 19th, we decided to ask if you still had any vinyl in your music collection. Maybe there's one record that sounds better on vinyl than in any other format. Maybe you're just finicky like me and like things the way …

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