According to a post on the company's Facebook page, Sunday River Brewing is set to open for business again tomorrow morning at 11 AM.

The post, which was published at around 6:45 this evening, didn't specify whether the business would be open for takeout, dine-in or both.

The restaurant has been the epicenter of political controversy as the owner, Rick Savage, has publicly called out Janet Mills over what he considers to be the Governor's lackluster phased economic reopening plan.

Rick Savage, owner of the Newry Brewery, has garnered national media attention, including a fiery appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he attempted to give out the Governor's cell phone number.

Earlier in the week, savage defied Mills' executive order and opened his restaurant to dine-in customers. Hundreds showed up hours before opening to get their spot in line. Later that day, we confirmed the state's health department had revoked multiple licenses from the establishment that are necessary to legally operate in Maine.

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