A horrifying crash at Speedway 95 in Hermon on Sunday resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to a worker who was riding an ATV.

An ATV Rider Rode Onto the Track, Into the Path of a Race Car

A video circulating online of the crash shows a horrifying scene. An ATV drives onto the racetrack and meets a race car as it comes around a turn in the track. The two collide and the ATV's rider is ejected from the vehicle. At first glance, it doesn't seem like there was any way the ATV rider could have survived the crash.

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But the folks at Speedway 95 in Hermon say he suffered injuries that sent him to the hospital, but he was treated and released that same day. Track Manager Shawn Ryder said in a media release that the crash happened on Sunday, July 7, 2024, and involved an employee of the raceway and a member of one of the race teams.

During the Sport 4 divisions feature event, a caution flag had come out due to an incident on the track. The track employee rode an ATV out onto the track to assist the disabled car and encountered another race car rounding the bend. Ryder says the ATV's driver was unable to see the car coming at him because he had the sun in his eyes.

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Track Officials Say the Sun in the Rider's Eyes Prevented Them From Seeing the Car

Both drivers, once they could see each other, tried to avoid the crash but they were unable to move in time. A red flag was immediately displayed to have all the other cars on the track come to a complete stop and emergency medical personnel rushed to help the employee. Both drivers were evaluated at the scene and one was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, where they were treated and released a few hours later.

The Crash Will Be Evaluated to Try and Establish Safety Precautions at the Raceway

Track management has been in contact with both drivers to check on their status and both drivers have reached out to each other, as well. Ryder says this was a freak accident that has prompted the owner and operators of the raceway to look into safeguards to prevent this type of thing from happening again.

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